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Clove at Home, 'Trio of Astrantia in Aubergine' 2024

Clove at Home, 'Trio of Astrantia in Aubergine' 2024

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The daughter of a well-regarded artist, Rosannagh grew up in the highlands of Scotland with art and nature making up two key pillars of her childhood. Holidays and trips were always peppered with family painting lessons - committing the scenes in front of her firmly to memory through her watercolours. 


Rosannagh enjoyed a portraiture course at the Charles Cecil school of art in Florence before undertaking a role at Daylesford Organic, where she worked closely to bring to the fore the importance of sustainable food and farming and the joy that can be found in connecting with nature. Growing your own fruit, vegetables and flowers became a huge passion. 


Some personal challenges saw Rosannagh take some time out from her much-loved career, encouraging her to take some time to reassess. It was to art and creative pursuits that she returned finding huge solace and joy. Her work today combines bold colours with her love of the natural world. Pressed flowers make up the bulk of her work, with each sourced from her garden, the woods or wanderings in Scotland, London and further afield. 


Creative framing is one of the stand out elements of her delicate and unique work, and where possible, she uses pre-loved pieces and natural materials, papers and paints to achieve this. 

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Natural Pressings on handmade paper  


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