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 Print Sisters Archive, founded in 2020 by the creative sister duo, Alexia and Claudia, born during the initial lockdown, this small, independent, female-led company curates an extensive collection of rare artworks, historical prints, and timeless textile patterns. Our ethos revolves around celebrating craftsmanship, blending creativity with heritage, and embodying a sense of timeless style. Through reviving vintage prints, we manifest our passion for fashion, interior design, and a commitment to environmental consciousness, offering accessible art to all.

Enriched by a childhood in a family of creators, our formative years were filled with elements of dressing up, drawing, travel, gallery explorations, and visits to vintage markets. Our affection for vintage dresses, jewellery, textiles, furniture, and the arts and crafts blossomed organically. Guided by our Belgian heritage, regular trips to Brussels, coupled with our grandmother's influence, ignited a profound love for Art Nouveau and Art Deco architectural spaces. This affection extended to nature-inspired interior motifs and intricate patterns, shaping the foundation of our creative journey.

Print Sisters

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