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CURIO X DM, 'Pebble Stack Red and Peach Opaline'

CURIO X DM, 'Pebble Stack Red and Peach Opaline'

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Beautiful pebble-shaped solid glass discs are free-blown and designed to stack. Speckled top pebbles catch the light and cast pretty shadows. Pebble stacks are designed to be playful and eye-catching with interchangeable coloured pebbles.


Each pebble stack is individually free-blown without the use of factory moulds, so each piece is entirely unique to you.



CARE: To clean, please wash in warm, soapy water and dry immediately, using a soft cloth.


Product Details

Hand-blown Glass

H 6cm x Dia. 8cm -10cm 

Expertly and sustainably made in the UK

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