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Georgia Beaumont, 'By Your Own Grace' 2023

Georgia Beaumont, 'By Your Own Grace' 2023

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Georgia Beaumont is a UK based painter. Her work explores tropes of coming-of-age and the intuitive female spirit, using her practice as a tool to become ever more acquainted with her internal creative life-force. The joyous feeling of the works and dancing botanical forms are apparent as a celebration of life itself. For this reason, observing from life and capturing the spirit of nature, its symbolism and its solace in its cyclical constancy is essential to her practice, her works can be read as a manifestation in paint of her own internal work over the last 10 years. The English seasons and the curling structures found in its ubiquitous countryside greenery are an endless and rich reference point, seminal to her paintings. The floral forms often echo prehistoric cave paintings and are supplemented by intuitive brush strokes demonstrating a further kinship to the natural world and how it echoes our own internal ones. Her paintings have been exhibited in both London and Barcelona and are held in private collections internationally.

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Oil on Board

81 x 64 cm (approx)


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