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Jo Rance, 'Flora I ' 2023

Jo Rance, 'Flora I ' 2023

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Jo Rance, born in 1996, is a contemporary British painter residing in Cambridgeshire, England. Taking note of her surrounding countryside, flora and fauna through location drawing, Jo primarily works with acrylic on canvas in her studio. Continuously informed by the British landscape throughout the seasons, there’s an organic pull for Jo to document the natural world through her work. 

Interrupted palettes characterise her paintings, pastel tones peppered with acidic accents are frequently noted in her collections. Jo’s paintings intend to provoke the sense of natural wonder and intrinsic joy everyone should have the opportunity to feel when outdoors.

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28 x 37.5cm each


Oil Pastel, Gouache, Acrylic (mixedmedia) on cotton rag paper

35.5 x 28 x 2cm


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