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Josephine Dessine, 'Artist Plates' 2022

Josephine Dessine, 'Artist Plates' 2022

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Artist Josephine Dessine has designed several plates depiciting famous artists. Inspired by Judy Chicago's all female dining table, Domenica Marland and Josephine have collaborated on an exclusive range of plates. Each are unique and all hand painted, perfect to be hung on the wall or in a pride position in your home.


Franco-British designer Josephine Dessine celebrates joy and she celebrates Women. Born both from a refusal to frame artwork and the idea of eating off your ideal dinner guests rather than inviting them, the Icon Collection was born. For those who enjoy luxury with a sense of humour, her idiosyncratic and whimsically drawn figures remind us home is a place as well as a feeling. Each piece is handpainted with love at her studio in Dalston. 

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27 x 27 cm 

Signed by the artist on the reverse

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