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Laura Gee, 'Foxgloves' 2024

Laura Gee, 'Foxgloves' 2024

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Laura is a London based visual artist who works from her studio in East London, where she creates intuitive, abstract paintings which explore colour, emotion and nature. Originally from Nottingham, she completed her degree at Manchester School Of Art before moving to London, she has shown her exuberant nature inspired paintings at places such as The Garden Museum, Partnership Editions, Bankside Gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Liberty London and Anthroplogie. Laura's practise explores the notion that art just like nature can have a positive affect on our wellbeing, alleviate stress and anxiety. Her intention behind her art is to inspire positive feelings and enhance well being.Her paintings are a celebration of nature; and in doing so, to take care of our world and each other.

“My work is influenced by the idea of pausing to be present in moments of nature. Living in London, I have sought time with nature more and more and have cherished even small moments, such as daily walks, throughout lockdown. This notion of being present translates itself in the studio as I get into a state of flow and become totally present in creating painterly marks and colour-filled pieces."

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Acrylic on 300gsm watercolour paper

signed and titled on the back

29.7 X 21cm (A4)


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