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Philippa Jeffrey, 'Floral Notes IIII' 2024

Philippa Jeffrey, 'Floral Notes IIII' 2024

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Once upon a time,  artist Philippa Jeffrey worked in the world of fashion + magazines but it was when she moved out of London that she decided to return to her roots and become an artist. She now paints from her Oxfordshire studio: using botanical prints as a starting point, Philippa has developed a unique visual language, celebrating layers of colour, pattern and mark-making. Her most recent works are inspired by summer road trips, largely through the cotswolds and the southern coast of Ireland. Abstracted landscapes… a visual candy as opposed to an overly verbalised aesthetic. She uses water based paints and a combination of board and canvas. Philippa has also extensively renovated her family home and has applied her love of pattern and colour to countless interior & decorative projects.

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Bobbin frame painted in Paint & Paper, Kasbah

15 x 20 cm

Acrylic and water based paint

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