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Sasha Compton, 'Rustic Shell Plate' 2024

Sasha Compton, 'Rustic Shell Plate' 2024

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The 'Rustic Shell Plate' is a one of a kind hand-painted plate inspired by rustic Mochaware patterns. This artwork celebrates shells and their status as objects of curiosity; the scallop shell in particular, being linked to the pilgrimage to the romb of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela. Also references in classical art and as a decorative motif in neo-classical architecture, the scallop shell is of great metaphorical interest to Sasha. Sasha belives that shells are a present representation of the past. "We do not know the age of shells or their journey when these beautiful, functional objects are washed up ashore."


With her memories in mind of looking for shells on the beaches on the Inner Hebrides Islands, this plate is decorative and playful. This plate has been designed, painted, and fired by Sasha in her London studio and is made to be a statement showpiece for your home, hung on a wall or displayed on a stand. Sasha has signed and dated the artwork on the reverse.


Product Details


This plate is not food safe or dishwasher friendly.


This plate is unique and one of a kind, there no more variations.

Size: 23cm 

Weight: 0.5kg

Please note: Some items may have 'imperfections'. Sasha celebrates individuality and character. She has sourced irregular ceramic items to work with her 'perfectly imperfect' aesthetic, and embraces the hand made feel of her ceramics collection. 

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