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Sveva's Home Ceramic Floral Egg Holders Set of 4

Sveva's Home Ceramic Floral Egg Holders Set of 4

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Color: Blue

 Hand painted by local artisans in Italy, these beautiful and personalised 100% ceramic dining plates, work perfectly with our Tableware line.

Bring colour and happiness to your table with our capsule tableware collection designed by Sveva’s Home. Enjoy mix and matching our best-sellers scalloped plates with our dining sets!

Please choose your preferred colour way, set of four pink, blue or mixed.

Each set includes: 4 ceramic Egg Holders.

Product Details

  • Made of 100% ceramic and they are all hand painted one by one, in Italy.
  • These egg holders are dishwasher and microwave safe. We do however, recommend to wash them by hand to avoid any damage.
  • Irregularities on them, are given because of the craftsmanship, which make each plate completely unique and slightly different from the others. 
  • Matching bowls, serving platter and olive oil and vinegar bottles are also available to complete the full tableware look. 
  • Each set includes: 4 ore more ceramic egg holders.
  • 8 cm

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