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Actos L'amour fou' Desert Plate

Actos L'amour fou' Desert Plate

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Desert plate with modern and colorful design. 

Perfect to give a fun touch to your meals with family and friends.

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100% artisanal and hand painted one by one.

Spanish white clay; lead-free glazes and natural pigments. Because our ceramics are handmade and hand-painted one by one in small batches, each piece may vary slightly in its design or colour. We believe that what might appear as an imperfection is in fact what makes each piece authentic and unique! It is a very slow process but the final result is worth it!


Our ceramics are fridge, dishwasher and microwave safe. Nevertheless, dishwashers and microwaves expose the ceramics to maximum temperatures that over time might cause the appearance of lines and loss of shine. This is a common process for white clay and ceramic pieces: they often end up showing their age, which makes them beautiful and special too!

In any case, if you want your pieces to last longer, we recommend washing them by hand with soap and water and allowing them to dry gently. Not suitable for oven use.

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