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Chessie Lamb, ‘Just Keep Going’ 2023

Chessie Lamb, ‘Just Keep Going’ 2023

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In 2016, Chessie graduated with an Art Foundation in Graphic Design from Camberwell College of Arts. With a focus on documentary, Chessie then went on to study at Raindance Film School and graduated with a First Class Honours in a Masters in Film Production. She currently works as a Production Assistant in the film industry.

Her early time at Camberwell influenced her interest in collage-making where Chessie experimented with a range of mediums, both physical and digital. Chessie found inspiration exploring various elements of the graphic design process such as typography, colour, layering, and imagery.

Chessie has collected magazines and newspapers from the 1950s to 1990s via an eclectic mix of sources and uses them for inspiration in her work. She began by cutting and sticking as a hobby, finding solace in its meditative, meticulous nature, but has since found a true love for collaging. More recently, Chessie has been exploring the potential of her collages by experimenting with digitalisation, manipulating size and texture. However, she strives to maintain a hand-cut feel to her work.

With an aim to display bold and meaningful pieces, Chessie hopes her work might invoke a range of emotion with their playful nature.

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