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Jasper Cable-Alexander, ‘Seghezzo' 2022

Jasper Cable-Alexander, ‘Seghezzo' 2022

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Jasper has been telling stories all his life. His work ranges from all formats, using celluloid film as a base to build his photographic imagery and films. stemming from the films he used to watch as a child, The work that he creates derives from stories he finds engaging.


This has triggered Jasper to shoot his work with a cinematic approach to his images creating strong memorabilia from past experiences. Spending part of his life in Italy has helped him to capture most of his inspiration through the enigmatic senses the country creates. most of his images are hand crafted and hand developed.

His previous works consist of 'right around the clock' and 'join us' a visual music short film thats narrative questioned the notions of community and identity. it was a part of the official selection  of Cefalù film festival 2019 and premiered on little black book.

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