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Rosie Harbottle, ‘Red Tulip’ 2023

Rosie Harbottle, ‘Red Tulip’ 2023

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Rosie Harbottle is an artist and illustrator creating on the
edge of Dartmoor, Devon. Over the years her art has
taken her to explore different parts of the world including
Morocco where a lot of her inspiration stems from, mixed
with a deep appreciation for the area which she is now
based living closely with the natural world and an

upbringing rooted in folk music, Rosie uses a combina-
tion of rich colours, mark making and brush strokes to

create joyful pieces that explore how it feels to surround
yourself with nature and the deep happiness that can

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Limited edition of 50

A high quality Giclee print of an original watercolour painting. Printed on environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo fine art paper. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Unframed or you can choose one of our exclusive frames designed by DM.

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